Games include all the video games with blockchain functionalities developed by Games for a living and Third Party Companies using our Network. All of the games will use $GFAL.
These games will serve the purpose of showcasing what can be done with the Network. The games will also be used in the tutorials for developers so that they can learn Web3 development with practical and successful cases.

Games Development

To establish a quality base for the platform's video games, Games for a living has its own video game development studio. The developed videogames, of different genres and aimed at different market segments, will demonstrate the potential of the Network. They will also be thoroughly documented for developers who want to start creating blockchain games.
The Games roadmap for the coming months includes the following products:
  • Elemental Raiders, a turn-based strategy video game with NFT features was released in November 28th 2022 on its Free to Play version and will release on March 13th 2023 as Play to Earn.
  • Diamond Dreams, a casual match-3 clicker video game appealing to a more general audience, is planned as Free to Play for Q3 2023 and Play to Earn Q1 2024.
  • Two more titles are under development and will be announced soon.

Third-Party Game Publication

Games for a living will work with developers that use the our Network to create blockchain video games.
The level of collaboration will vary with each project. The Games may:
  • Include third-party metaverses and video games in the Games for a living games portal.
  • Support developers with marketing and communication actions during product launches.
  • Assist developers in license negotiations.
  • Outsource and supervise the development and publication of metaverses and video games.
  • Finance third-party projects.
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