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Elemental Raiders

Step into the realm of 'Elemental Raiders', where we blend traditional gaming mechanics with the expansive capabilities of Web3. This multiplayer turn-based strategy game, infused with RPG dynamics, is available in Early Access on Steam, and in Soft Launch on Google Play & App Store. Grounded in our core principles of Innovation, Engagement, and Timelessness, 'Elemental Raiders' epitomizes our dedication to redefining gaming.
Innovation: 'Elemental Raiders' combines blockchain technology and planned AI integration to elevate the Free-to-Play experience. Players can own Digital Collectibles with proven scarcity, enhancing gameplay or traded based on player investment. Soon, AI will facilitate the creation of these unique in-game assets.
Engagement: Central to 'Elemental Raiders' is its immersive multiplayer battles. A rich tactical landscape and player interactions make every encounter distinct and engrossing.
Timelessness: 'Elemental Raiders' showcases a blend of genres, offering mechanics that are both intuitive and profound. The game is tailored for a wide audience, from novices to experts, with player-versus-player interactions ensuring enduring replayability.
As the first Games for a Living product, Elemental Raiders will be the company’s flagship game and the first public demonstration of the ecosystem we are building.
The official launch of Elemental Raiders will be during Q4'23.
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