The Games for a living Network is a Web3 solution for developers and publishers to build blockchain-based economies into their games. This will allow gamers to have true ownership of their digital assets, and will even allow developers to incorporate earning mechanisms into their games.
The Network enables the transition of traditional game developers to Web3 game development by providing solutions for blockchain technology and token-based economics. The transition is possible on both pre-existing games and new games.
The Network has been architected and implemented with a cross platform focus from day one, so it will support all major mobile, desktop, and console platforms.

The Network includes the following elements:

  • Chain: A permissioned Layer 1 chain that provides enhanced security, scalability and sustainability.
  • Web3 Game Tools: Web3 game creation tools for developers which include a developer portal, user authentication, token & NFT creation, game analytics and live events tracking systems.
  • Marketplace: A marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs and game currencies that includes fraud protection features.
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