The Marketplace is a trade and payment platform where users can buy and sell NFTs, the Platform utility token ($GFAL) and other in-game currencies. The Marketplace includes built-in fraud protection features.

The Marketplace will include the following elements:

Safe, secure and verified online portal & wallet

The Marketplace includes a simple-to-use verified digital wallet with Games for a Living acting as the merchant of record. Users can trade and monitor the Chain status and scan transactions through the dedicated online portal.

NFT marketplace

The Marketplace includes an NFT marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell their non-fungible assets easily and securely.

Token and in-game currency exchange

In the Marketplace players can also purchase $GFAL, the Platform utility token.

Fraud protection and customer support

As part of our Marketplace services we offer full customer service and fraud management support. Our goal is for developers and their players to have a frictionless, safe and protected experience.
NOTE: The creation and launch of the Marketplace will be subject to compliance with current and future relevant regulations and regulatory requirements (Prevention of Money Laundering, Mica (Markets in Cryptoassets), registration with the Bank of Spain, etc.).
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